Face care has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people seeking out various skincare options. However, some individuals may feel unsure about performing self-face
care and may struggle to find a beauty professional who meets their specific needs. That's where ForeverYoung Mobile App comes in.
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The Project

People have difficulties finding high-quality beauty self services that meet their needs. ForeverYoung Mobile App is a mobile application for beauty enthusiasts and experts, providing a range of beauty services, including an innovative AR face care service. The goal of this project was to create an easy-to-use platform that would allow people to easily access quality face care services.

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From the survey results, we identified the following needs and problems:
Most people need a beauty service platform for face care, rather than a beauty information platform.
People have a hard time finding AR face care services that match their needs.
To address these needs and problems, we designed ForeverYoung Mobile App as a platform for AR self face care services.


To generate ideas for the design of ForeverYoung Mobile App, we created a user persona and user journey map. The user persona reflected the characteristics and needs of our target user, while the user journey map described the steps that the user would take to achieve their goals.
Based on the user persona and user journey map, we developed a list of priority features for the app, including:

— An AR face care services based on their specific needs and preferences.

— A payment function that enables users to easily pay for services.

Based on the priority features identified in the ideate stage, we created a prototype of ForeverYoung Mobile App using various design tools. The prototype included wireframes, mockups, and a functional prototype that allowed us to test the app’s functionality and usability.


We conducted user testing on the prototype of ForeverYoung Mobile App to evaluate its effectiveness in meeting the needs of our target user. The user testing included both usability testing and user feedback.

As a result of the design thinking process, we developed ForeverYoung Mobile App as a platform for self face care in a technological way. This solution has the potential to greatly improve the face care experience for people around the world.

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