We have quickly built a team of over 25 software developers, business analysts, and QA employees for long-term software development projects with large companies. Our team members have academic backgrounds and are supported by a seasoned management team to ensure continuity and high quality.

Our expertise includes designing, developing, and maintaining medical device software, booking and trading software, associated cloud platforms, as well as CRM systems in connection with iOS and Android app development. We also have experience in operating these systems.

What we do

Custom Software Development


At Canonic Digital, our software architects work with you to understand your business goals and determine the best technology or framework to achieve a successful software product. Our team of expert software developers then deliver top-quality, enterprise-grade solutions to help you reach your goals. We help you build a winning software product.

Let us handle the technical details while you focus on running and growing your business.

Digital Product Development Enterprise Systems High-load Systems IoT DevOps Load Testing / Testing SaaS

Minimum Viable Product Development

Are you looking to showcase your MVP or PoC to investors and potential customers? The technology team at Canonic Digital can help you build a professional, high-quality MVP or PoC in a short amount of time. Let us help you impress investors and drive interest in your product. Contact us to learn more.

Our Technologies

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Our Languages

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The team is certified to
the following standarts:

ISO 13485

Medical Device – Quality Management

IEC 62304
Medical Device Software Software Life-Cycle Processes
ISO 14971
Medical Devices: Application of Risk Management to Medical Devices
ISO 82304
Healthcare Software: General requirements tor product safety

Our Processes


Fixed Cost Model

The fixed price model is ideal for projects with a clear, defined outcome. When the scope of work is well-defined, this pricing model offers the benefit of accurate cost estimation and timely project completion. If you have a project with specific goals and requirements, consider using the fixed price model to ensure a successful outcome.

This model is mostly suitable for small projects (50 – 75 person-days).

Fixed Cost Model Process

  • — Customer request
  • — Analysis
  • — Offer
  • — Customer agreement
  • — Development
  • — Handover

Time and Material Model

The time and material model is well-suited for application development projects where the scope, specifications, and implementation plans may change during the course of the project. In this pricing model, development work is billed on a monthly basis based on the agreed hourly rate. This model allows for flexibility and adaptability as the project progresses. If you have a project with evolving requirements, consider using the time and material model to ensure a successful outcome.

The partnership based on the hourly model can last between 3 months and several years.

Time and Material Model Process

  • — Customer request
  • — Analysis
  • — Proposition of T&M model
  • — Customer agreement
  • — Development
  • — Monitoring and Reporting
  • — Handover


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