Data is crucial to the success of any business, but it can be difficult to effectively use and analyze data when it comes from multiple sources and formats. Our client, a global business with connections to wholesalers and factories around the world, was struggling with non-standardized
data that was slowing down their growth and hindering their expansion plans. They approached us to develop a solution that would help them quickly search and analyze data from various sources and formats.
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The Project

Our client had a large volume of data from various sources and formats, including APIs, XML, TXT, and CSV files. The data was non-standardized and contained a large number of variables and constants, making it difficult to use and analyze. The data also arrived on various schedules, sometimes without any schedule at all, and contained millions of strings that sometimes overlapped with other datasets but had different parameters such as quantity, ID, price, and arrival date.

our client was able to overcome data processing and customer processing issues that were hindering their expansion

Our client approached us to create a web-based product that would allow them to quickly search through this data by price, arrival date, quantity, and substitutes for original goods. The product needed to serve multiple user types, including buyers, managing partners, and back office managers.

help them quickly search and analyze data

We were able to create a multilingual cross-domain web product with dedicated portals for each user type. The product included a range of features to cover multiple use cases and a data processing engine to provide a single output for many data sources. This helped our client to overcome data processing and customer processing issues that could have blocked their expansion. In the first year of use, the client saw a more than 200% increase in turnover compared to previous years.


By developing a custom solution that addressed the unique needs of our client, we were able to help them overcome their data processing challenges and drive significant business growth. If you are facing similar issues with data from multiple sources and formats, we can help you find a solution to improve your business performance. Contact us to learn more.


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